Teaching Assistant, Grant Writing Workshop
Integrated Biological Sciences 522
Fall Semester 2008, Emory University
Course instructors: Richard A. Kahn, Ph.D; Lisa A. Parr, Ph.D.; Dieter Jaeger, Ph.D.

Teaching Assistant, Human Behavioral Biology
Anthropology 305
Fall Semester 2007, Emory University
Course instructor: Melvin Konnor, M.D., Ph.D

Guest Teaching and Invited Talks

“Motor Systems: Action and Perception”
Neuroscience and Behavioral Biology 120-000: From Botox to Behavior
Fall Semester 2012, Emory University
Instructor: Kristen Frenzel, Ph.D.

“Comparative Functional Neuroimaging in Chimpanzees and Humans”
Bioanthropology Seminar, Department of Anthropology
Fall Semester 2012, Emory University

“Neural Adaptations for Social Learning: Connectivity and Responsivity of the Mirror System in Macaques, Chimpanzees, and Humans”
Frontiers in Neuroscience Seminar, Graduate Program in Neuroscience
Spring Semester 2012, Emory University

“Neural Adaptations for Social Learning: Or, Adventures with Mostly-Sedated Radioactive Chimpanzees”
ENCORE Seminar, Graduate Program in Neuroscience
Fall Semester 2011, Emory University

“Thinking about Other Minds”
“Feeling and Perceiving Emotion”
Special Topics in Neuroscience and Behavioral Biology 370-003: Neuroscience & Philosophy
Fall Semester 2009, Emory University
Instructor: Patricia Marseller, Ph.D.

Curriculum Development

“Emotions and the Brain: Neural Mechanisms of Behavior”
“Emotion and Memory in Action: Survival and Sociality”
“Emotion Sharing and Understanding: Neural Mechanisms of Behavior”
“Emotion Sharing and Understanding: Cross-Cultural Perspectives”
Lectures developed for the Emory-Tibet Science Initiative and delivered to Buddhist monks in Dharamsala, Tibet by Emory faculty members
Fall Semester 2009, Spring Semester 2010, Fall Semester 2013
Neuroscience Curriculum Director: Carol Worthman, Ph.D.


Volunteer Teaching at Atlanta Grade, Middle, and High Schools
Spring 2007 through Fall 2010